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The Details

SavorMinot is new. Both as a business and concept. It’s built for the unique local businesses creating moments worth savoring for everyone in Minot.

Our Mission: Build a Minot audience that knows they can discover what’s happening in Minot every single day by checking

For Your Business

  1. Reduce your dependence on social media.
  2. Develop a reliable and affordable advertising and communication tool exclusively for Minot’s unique, locally-owned businesses.
  3. Help locally-owned unique businesses support other locally-owned unique businesses!

How We Do It?

How do we build an audience? We give them a show. is the stage; your business is the performer.

It’s All About What’s ‘Happening’ in Minot

You tell people what’s happening in your business today, tomorrow, this week, this month, etc. If you don’t have something happening in your business, you create something. We will help.

It’s easier than you think. Here are some ideas.

‘Limited Time’

This week only. Today only. Today and tomorrow only. Time is precious, and when an opportunity is limited, it immediately has value and becomes worth knowing about. Tell people about your limited time happenings and you’ve just taken center stage.

‘Soup Du Jour’

Your servers tell your customers who walk into your place every time. What if you also told the people who haven’t come in yet?

It’s simple — take a picture, write a couple of sentences, add a few other simple details, and you’re done.

What Happens Next…

Together, we’ll build an audience that knows they can discover what your soup of the day is — every day! Plus…

  • You’ll slowly reduce your dependence on social media. And bonus: you’ll begin to reach all those people who don’t use social media, too.
  • You’ll develop a reliable and affordable advertising and communication tool.
  • You’ll help other locally-owned unique businesses. And other locally-owned unique businesses will help your business!

Who Can Use It?

At this time, we’re making SavorMinot use available to businesses that deliver unique food, shopping, and fun in and around Minot.

There’s More For, Too!

SavorMinot was designed to make your life as a business owner easier, not harder. And there’s a lot we can tell you about. Here’s a taste.

  • Recurring Happenings: We can set your happenings to ‘recur’ weekly to save you time and automate your storytelling.
  • Branded Content: We put your business and logo everywhere. And we’ve automated branded image generation as well.
  • Social Republishing. Our goal is to train people to come to But while they’re learning, we’re spreading the word on social media automatically.
  • Search Engine Friendly. We know how to talk to search engines. When you use SavorMinot, your business gains local credibility with the algorithms. That means higher rankings.
  • Information & Know How. The world is changing fast; who are you relying on to keep you up to speed?
  • AI Integration: Not sure what to write? Let AI take the stress. You enter the basic details. We do the necessary writing.
  • Help. Need something? Start by asking us.

Pricing & More Details…

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savor: (verb) to enjoy completely.

Food, drink, and experience are the marrow of a place. They are each day partners to a life well-lived, and it's the unique, local businesses that give us the most to savor. SavorMinot is for them. For them to speak to you. Tell them you want to hear from them. Join our email list, follow us on social media.